GBA4iOS Skins | 20+ Best GBA4iOS Skins Free

It must be tedious while playing GBA4iOS games on in-built conventional controller skins. Are you feeling the same? Well, one of the best features of GBA4iOS includes the ability to change controller skin. You are going to explore some awesome GBA4iOS skins here to feel the change.

Out of a variety of available skins, GBA4iOS pokemon skins are the most popular ones. Skins available here are completely free to download and add to the emulator. This page will be updated periodically with new skins so that you get the best out there. Because you deserve the best!

gba4ios skins

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What are GBA4iOS Skins?

Skins are nothing but a sort of stickers that will be applied on your controller to change the overall look of the emulator. This is similar to changing your mac’s front look by applying an equal-sized sticker.

As GBA4iOS provides customization in skins, the game controller can be replaced with the picture you want. In short, if you were playing games on Game Boy Advance console, it would be placing a sticker on the console. Numerous gamers are applying such skins to make it cool.

GBA4iOS Skins Features

Well, there is nothing much regarding features of these skins. But it is important to know the platform it supports and orientation it can be implemented with.

  • Supports GBA4iOS 2.1, 2.0
  • Supports GBA4iOS iPhone X version
  • Absolutely free to avail
  • Landscape mode for iPhone, iPad
  • Completely change the controller layout

If you don’t know how to change GBA4iOS skin, don’t bother much as we have provided a complete guide on changing emulator skins. Let’s proceed.

How to change GBA4iOS Controller Skins

How to install GBA4iOS without any error? If this question is troubling you, choose any method listed on this website. If you’ve already installed, changing skin will be like massaging your fingers. All you need to tweak is your controller setting. Anyway, here’s how to change controller skins:

Step 1: Download any controller skin from this webpage. And, tap on Open in “GBA4iOS”.

download gba4ios skins

Step 2: Launch the emulator and navigate to controller settings from the gear icon placed at the top.

change gba4ios skin

Step 3: Find the controller skin section by scrolling down a bit. Choose Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Color depending on your ROM.

Game Boy Advance Skins

Step 4: Select Portrait or Landscape based on your preference. Pick your downloaded skin from the next screen.

GBA skins free

Step 5: Restart the emulator and enjoy your gameplay with the latest skin.

gba4ios skins free

Download GBA4iOS Skins

There are many sources you can download GBA skins from. However, here are some awesome skins you should consider applying to the emulator.

1. Batman

gba4ios skins


2. Berry

gba4ios skins reddit


3. Flash

gba advance skins gba4ios


4. Green Lantern

gameboy micro skin gba4ios


5. Jolteon

gba4ios skins clear


6. Lightning

gba4ios skins not working


7. Marvel

marvel gba skin


8. Naruto

delta skins ios


9. Spiderman

spideman gba4ios skin


10. Super Mario Bros

super mario gba4ios skins


GBA4iOS Pokemon Skins

1. Arceus

gba4ios skins 2018


2. Charizard

gba4ios skins 2019


3. Charizard-X

gba4ios pokemon skins


4. Delta-Emerald

gba4ios skins free


5. Dialga


6. Lucario

gbc skins


7. Mewtwo

Mewtwo gba skins


8. Pikachu

gba4ios pickachu skin


9. Xerneas

best gba4ios skins


10. Yveltal

free gba4ios skins