Cydia Impactor Errors: Fix All Possible Errors Easily

An error is something which will generate the difference between computed and correct value. For example, while using Cydia Impactor, you may face runtime error, http-win.cpp158, cydia impactor error 173 or any of such errors. These errors cause a significant delay for a human to get work finished. It is a natural behavior to become frustrated when such errors are not getting fixed.

In this article, we have provided almost all kind of errors you may face while using Cydia Impactor. You will get the cause of particular cydia impactor error along with its solution. Just stick with the post, and get your error solved. 🙂

Cydia Impactor Errors and Solution

If you fail to solve encountered cydia impactor error while sideloading, you can try cydia impactor alternatives.

1. Cydia Impactor runtime errror

cydia impactor error


  • runtime error!
  • This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.


  • Install Visual C++ Redistribution latest version.

2. installation.cpp:42 error

provision cpp 173


  • cydia impactor installation.cpp:42
  • The system version is lower than the minimum OS version specified for_directory


  • It may be caused by dragging IPA zip file directly to Cydia Impactor. Try to extract at the desktop and then drag it to software.

3. installation.cpp:51 error


  • cydia impactor installation.cpp.51
  • ipa does not support


  • Upgrading iOS version will solve the error.

4. provision.cpp:62 error

provision cpp 62


  • cydia impactor provision.cpp:62


  • Repeat installation of IPA continuously
  • Disable “Search for iPhone” by navigating Setting >> iCloud

5. provision.cpp:68 error


  • cydia impactor provision.cpp:68


  • Agree with the terms by visiting developer section of apple:

6. provision.cpp:71 error

cydia impactor zip cpp 557 cannot unzip


  • cydia impactor provision.cpp:71


  • It is probably occurring because you are having a similar app on your iOS device.

7. provision.cpp:80 error

cydia impactor provision cpp 81


  • cydia impactor provision.cpp:80 
  • You already have a current iOS development certificate pr pending certificate request.


lockdown cpp 57

  • There may be a problem with the certificate causing such action. Navigate to Xcode >> Revoke Certificates. Enter your Apple ID and password and revoke the certificate.

8. provision.cpp:81 error


  • file:provision.cpp;line:81;what:ios/addAppld=9313
    The “Network Extensions” feature is only available to users enrolled in Apple Developer Program. Please visit to enroll.


  • Utilize revoke certificate along with cydia impactor as demonstrated for 80 error.
  • Create an new apple id and use it while cydia impactor asks. This will solve the actual issue.

9. provision.cpp:150 error error


  • provision.cpp:150 or provisoin.cpp:168
  • provision.cpp:168 or provisoin.cpp:173
  • Your Apple ID or password was entered incorrectly


  • It may be because of invalid login credentials. However, if it does not disappear, go to and generate an app-specific password. You can follow our video guide.

10. provision.cpp:158 error


  • provision.cpp:158
  • peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates


  • It seems you haven’t followed our simple guide of installing IPA file on iOS. After drag and drop task, you need to allow unknown certificate. Follow Setting >> General >>Device Management >> Your Installed IPA >> Trust. You can always follow our video guide.

11. provision.cpp:159 error


  • provision.cpp:159


  • High probability of facing this error may be the older version of Cydia Impactor. Download and install latest Cydia Impactor.

12. provision.cpp:160 error


  • provision.cpp:160
  • http-win.cpp:160


  • It encounters because of improper internet connection. For removing this cydia impactor error, ensure you are connected to the internet with the firewall. If you’re using VPN, disable it.

13. provision.cpp:173 error

provision.cpp173 error


  • provision.cpp; line: 173; what:
    Please sign in with an app-specific password


  • As the error depicts, you need enter app-specific password while sideloading IPA files instead of your Apple ID password. Go to, log in using your Apple ID credentials and generate an app-specific password. Use it when you drag IPA on cydia impactor.
  • Alternatively, you can just create a new Apple ID and give it a shot. This should eliminate cydia impactor 173 error.
  • If it still appears, try disabling two-factor authentification and make an attempt using your existing Apple ID password.

14. http-win, cpp; line 182


  • file:http-win, cpp; line 182; what;SSL connect error
    gnutls_handshake() failed: Error in the pull function.


  • Menu >> Impactor >> Insecure SSL. (It will change your insecure ssl setting and error will be resolved.)
  • Check if you have a double certificate. Turn it off and give it a go. It is worth a shot for cydia impactor 182 error.

15. provision.cpp:698 error


  • provision.cpp.698


  • It appears when Cydia Impactor doesn’t detect iOS device properly. Remove USB cable and reboot iPhone once. Reinstall iTunes and then follow the entire procedure.

16. impactor.cpp:637 error


  • impactor.cpp:637
  • error:desktop.cpp:314


  •  The simplest solution is to install iTunes that you probably forgot to install earlier.

17. zip.cpp:311 error


  • .zip.cpp:311
  • .zip.cpp:420


  • Your downloaded IPA file may be corrupted which is causing this issue. Download IPA file again from any trusted source.

18. ipa.cpp:456


  • ipa.cpp:456 


  • It is because of the lack of .app/info.plist. Find the file and replace it.

19. zip.cpp:557 error


  • zip.cpp:557
  • Not a zip archive


  • The primary reason behind appearing this error is an improper archive of the original IPA file or download may be interrupted. Download it again or try out another IPA provider and sideload again.

20. file: zip.cpp; line: 597


  • file: zip.cpp; line: 597
  • premature ends error


Cydia Impactor Error 173 Solution

30 thoughts on “Cydia Impactor Errors: Fix All Possible Errors Easily”

  1. File:provision.cpp;line:81;what:

    The “Network Extensions” feature is only available to users enrolled in Apple Developer Program. Please visit to enroll.

    I have this problem, any idea?

    • Hello B. Sosef,

      Here’s the solution:
      1. Use revoke certificate and try cydia impactor again.
      2. If nothing changes, create an new apple id and use it when cydia impactor asks.

  2. Hey, I am getting ‘provision.cpp; line: 173; what: Please sign in with an app-specific password. You can create one at’ when trying to re-sign an IPA with the “Install Package…” option. I have been using Cydia impactor for a while now, but it only started happening recently. I would be happy to create a new app-specific password for it if need be, but it’s not even popping up asking me to give it a password in the first place. I have tried redownloading and reinstalling both Cydia Impactor and iTunes, so I really don’t know what to do.

    • Instead of creating a new app-specific password, make an attempt with an entirely new Apple ID. If it still appears, disable two-factor authentification and give it a whirl.

      • The problem with that is, it’s never asking for an Apple ID either. So I can’t use a different Apple ID, And since I tried completely reinstalling it, it shouldn’t remember my existing ID either…

  3. Hello, I keep getting this error can you help?

    ile: provision.cpp; line: 81; what:

    ios/addAppId =9313
    The ‘Network Extensions’ feature is only available to users enrolled in Apple Developer Program. Please visit https:// to enroll.

  4. Failed to mind matching arch for 32-bit Mach-O input file/private/var/installs/library/caches/ 16OTBV/extracted/payload/

    • You are probably installing jailbreak IPA on your device. First, check if it supports your device. Make sure you change your flare according to your device. It is failing because the device you’re using may not be a 32bit one.

  5. Hi – I first used the v9.50 impactor but kept getting the 173 error. I’ve used the two-factor authentication password and this time it spitted out an error 79 (not listed above), saying that it’s installed as incompatible team. So I followed the instructions to remove the newer impactor version an downloaded v9.45 instead. This time it’s error 62 but the warning is the same which says “application already installed as incompatible team. What can i do now?

    • Hey Bailey,

      What is the app you are trying to install? Uninstall the current version of the app and try again. You can try disabling 2FA and use your Apple ID and password while sideloading via both v0.9.51 and v0.9.45.

  6. I have error 42 but it doesn’t say the minimum OS version. Instead it says failed to verify application with a valid certificate or something similar. Is there a fix for this

    • There may be a problem with the certificate causing such action. Navigate to Menu >> Xcode >> Revoke Certificates. Enter your Apple ID and password and revoke the certificate.

  7. Hi Saurikk
    I am trying to install whatsapp++ ipa file. I’ve tried apple id and password but if I do, i get the error that the password is incorrect or invalid. So i should uninstall v0.9.45 and reinstall which version? Where can I download impactor v0.9.51? Thanks.

    • Yeah, I have listed that too. Go through this article again or just redownload your IPA file(give a shot with another IPA provider, if it appears.)


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