Download Cydia Impactor: Install IPA On iPhone, iPad Easily

Download Cydia Impactor: Install IPA On iPhone, iPad Easily

Along with revolutionization in the smartphone industry, there has been prodigious development in the application market. But when it comes installing apps which aren’t available on play store of Android devices or app store of iOS devices, it becomes very tedious. Installing apps on Android devices have become easy because of ease of availability of apk files and straightforward process of installing them. But when it comes to iOS devices, it is really quite difficult. iTunes is the most widely used by most of the iOS users but many of them don’t know how to use it properly to accomplish tasks.

Apart from iTunes, there are many third-party platforms which can be utilized to install IPA on iPhone. Some of them include vShare, iFunbox, Diawi, iTools etc. But the easiest and effortless way to do so is to make use of Cydia Impactor. It is nothing but similar third-party platform developed by an individual to make IPA installing method effortless. Once you get used to it, I believe you won’t use any method for installing IPA on iPhone irrespective of your iOS version. Before having a piece of butter in the mouth, let’s understand which ingredients it possesses. 😊

What is Cydia Impactor?

Cydia Impactor is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) which lets you install IPA files on iOS devices. This tool is developed by an individual developer and technology consultant Saurik (@saurik) aka Jay Freeman. Cydia Impactor is freely available for three major and the most widely used computer operating systems: Windows, Mac, and Linux. To install IPA files on iPhones, you need to download those files on your computer which you will be simply sideloading.

Cydia Impactor download is assuredly the best choice, especially for iPhone users. Semi-tethered jailbreak tools can also be installed on iPhones using the following tool.

Cydia Impactor Features

As aforesaid, it is the best when there is a matter of installing .ipa files on iOS devices. Though it has got some amazing features which would require smartphone operation ROM’s and OS knowledge. For example, rooting android device will demand bootloader to be unlocked and USB drivers of a particular device need to be installed. Similarly, there are various apps where the jailbreaking iOS device is a primary necessary and this tool can install those apps without any hustle. Check all the functional features of Cydia Impactor tool.

   USB Driver Installation

Installing USB drivers is a primary requirement for rooting android devices to be able to communicate between smartphone and computer. Along with this tool, you can install universal ADB drivers. And hence by doing so, you do not need to install drivers of particular mobile manually.

   Fastboot and Bootloader Unlock

After the installation of USB drivers, there will be a requirement of restarting your devices under fast boot mode. You can accomplish that by a specific line of command. On the other hand, installing external recovery requires the bootloader to be unlocked which can be achieved by the commands. However, this tool will remove all these requirements and finishes these jobs with help of just a few clicks.

   Android Rooting

Android rooting process is somewhat complex that every android user will elect to not mess with. And, it is true indeed. The main reason for the cause is that your small mistakes or even perfection in perquisites can lead anyone regardless of an expert to throw a device into the boot loop. But with the help of Cydia Impactor, after turning your device into USB Debugging, a simple “Click” but can do the wonders.

   Packages Installation

Smartphone geek often root their devices in order to test various custom ROM’s. In order to install these custom ROM’s, you need to flash them via stock or custom recovery, ie. TWRP recovery. But Cydia Impactor download will provide the easiest way of installing such packages. You can update these packages via single click too.

   Install Jailbreak Applications

There are many apps specially designed to manipulate a parent operating system of the smartphone. But such applications require jailbreaking and rooting of respective devices. This tool eliminates the need for jailbreaking for installing jailbreak apps. Sideloading different apps is the easiest method for installing such apps within just one or two clicks.

Download Cydia Impactor

Cydia Impactor is available for widespread operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux. You can download Cydia Impactor from official site too. However, you can always download Cydia Impactor latest version from download button provided below. This awesome GUI tool does not require any type of installation. It takes just one click to get opened. The only requirement for smooth operation is to install the latest iTunes on your computer regardless of operating system. We have provided Cydia Impactor iOS 11 download link for all recommended OS, select your preference and you’re good to go.

Download Cydia Impactor

Note: Do not run Cydia Impactor .exe, .dmg or .tgz setup file as system administration. Doing so will gift you an Cydia Impactor error while sideloading IPA file from the computer.

How to use Cydia Impactor for Windows, Mac, Linux


  • The computer you’re using for the operation and iOS device must have the same date and time.
  • For performing installation operation on Windows or Mac operating system, latest iTunes must be installed in the individual OS.
  • If it Linux OS, care must be taken while download Cydia Impactor for particular 32-Bit or 64-Bit.
  • USB drivers must be installed in case of Android device.
  • The process may generate provision.cpp.150 error, so it is recommended to have the latest iOS version too.

Method 1: Install IPA Files on iOS devices with two-factor verification disabled

Step I: Download Cydia Impactor latest version and updated iTunes to install on the computer which is the primary requirement.

Step II: Gather IPA files that you want to install on your iPhone, iPad, iPod etc. Accumulate all these things together into one folder for the ease of installation.

Step III: Extract the downloaded impactor tool to the same destination.

Step IV: Attach your iOS device – iPhone, iPad or iPod to the computer. (Make sure about using original USB cable or QC verified in the case of Android)

Step V: Open Impactor.exe file to run the tool by simply just clicking twice. It will take a few seconds to recognize your iOS device.

Step VI: After that, from the menu bar, navigate to Device > Install Packages and upload your IPA file. However, you can directly drag your IPA file and drop on Impactor tool.

Step VII: Enter your Apple ID and password for moving ahead.

Step VIII: Now, navigate to Setting > General > Device Management on your iPhone device.

Step IX: You will see your Apple ID there along with application you just installed. Click on ID and tap on “Trust” to authorize app as validated.


Step X: On the app drawer, you will be able to see installed IPA which is ready to be opened.

Method 2: Install IPA files on iPhone with two-factor verification enabled

On the iPhone having two-factor verification enabled, you can classically disable two-factor verification and follow the same process illustrated above. Although IPA files can be installed without disabling it. Do what the following process commences.

Step I: Head to and log in using your Apple ID.

Step II: It will ask two-factor authentication to login to your Apple account.

Step III: You will see “TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION” enabled and “APP SPECIFIC PASSWORD” alongside.

Step IV: Upon taping on app-specific password, you will be asked to create label name. Create any name and click on “Create

Step V: You will be redirected to your generated app-specific password. Save it somewhere.

Step VI: Follow the step 1-6 as described above.

Step VII: For the next move, enter your same Apple ID and recently generated the app-specific password.

Step VIII: Follow step 8-9 as same as above.

Step IX: You will be able to run installed IPA on your iOS device.

Cydia Impactor Video Guide for IPA install on iPhone

Cydia Impactor Error: http-win.cpp:160 CPP 160 Solved.

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