Cydia Impactor Alternative | 7 Best Tools Like Cydia Impactor

Installing tweaked apps on smartphones operating on iOS OS aka iPhone, iPad is a bit strenuous. You can’t just tap on the app file and follow on-screen prompts to initiate the installation. This could be the possible reason behind the tremendous user-base of Android-operated smartphones. Tools like Cydia Impactor are here to rescue all iOS users.

Cydia Impactor is the best tool available in the market to install unofficial iOS apps. Ease of its usage makes it more user-friendly and it has been the best tool for iOS geeks. Installing IPA files using Cydia Impactor is a kid thing. Drag your downloaded IPA files and drop them on the tool, Bingo!

But things don’t move as we expect, isn’t it? You may encounter a variety of unknown errors in between. Yes, they are really annoying as it interrupts what we intend to do and consume a great amount of time. But we’ve covered almost all cydia impactor errors with their solution.

But you may not be able to catch the root of errors. And, it’s not worthy to spend a significant amount of time to solve an error. This forces one to move his/her ass to go with its alternative. There exist Cydia Impactor alternative for sideloading cracked apps on your iOS devices. Nothing can beat Cydia Impactor in terms of IPA sideloading, but there’s nothing wrong trying its alternatives as well.

In this article,

5 Best Cydia Impactor Alternatives of 2022:

1. Super Impactor

cydia impactor alternative

Specially designed for Windows operating system, it is the best Cydia Impactor alternative you can count on. Its user-friendly interface will allow you to install unlimited apps on your iOS device. A kind of brother of Cydia Impactor that you should try at least once.

Super Impactor Features:

  1. It allows you to install any kind of IPA without jailbreaking your device.
  2. User-friendly interface to make it accessible by even kids.
  3. In-built popular tweaked app directory.
  4. It permits one to use infinite Apple IDs to install apps.
  5. Facility for managing Apple account certificates.

2. vShare Helper

tools like cydia impactor

vShare Helper is Tony Stark of iOS universe. Users’ habitant of installing iOS apps outside of app store would have heard the word “vShare” for sure. It is the most convenient software available for file and media transfers within iOS devices and computers.

vShare Helper Features:

  1. It permits one to install or uninstall any apps sitting on your iPhone, iPad.
  2. Users can also transfer files and media from a computer to the device.
  3. Availability of directory of movies, ringtones, eBook, etc. makes it the ultimate place.
  4. It provides recovery of lost data on your iPhone.
  5. System updates, restore factory settings can be done without operating the iOS device.

3. 25PP

cydia alternative

25PP is another Cydia Impactor alternative that is recommendable. This device friendly software can also provide a backup facility. Apps and games outside of app store can be easily installed by 25PP. All you need to do is install on your computer and connect your iOS device.

25PP Helper Features:

  1. Allows installation of unofficial apps and games outside of app store.
  2. Automatic temporary file remover helps you clean your device.
  3. It lets you download and install the latest iOS version on your device.
  4. Gives complete control of iOS devices by offering a variety of tools.
  5. You can view, delete or transfer any files of your iPhone.

4. TutuApp Helper

software like cydia impactor

Developed by Chinese developers, TutuApp is available for both Android and iOS devices. It offers full control of your devices using its interface. It is a great collection of apps and games. There can be multiple ways of installing apps as it has the availability of mobile clients as well.

TutuApp Helper Features:

  1. You can install apps without downloading their source files.
  2. It has a vast collection of categorized apps and games. It also includes mods.
  3. It doesn’t demand registration for initiating the usage.
  4. Jailbreaking iOS can be absolutely eliminated for using TutuApp.
  5. In-house cleaner helps you to clean memory used by background apps.

5. Tweakbox

cydia impactor alternative

Tweakbox has gained popularity widely because of listing the highest demanded apps inside. This is the Cydia Impactor alternative if you’re looking for a solution that doesn’t require a computer. You need to download an app and search for your favorite app to install it. That’s it!

Tweakbox Helper Features:

  1. It has the ultimate collection of all ++ mods.
  2. Installing unofficial apps won’t demand a computer.
  3. It can be easily downloaded by third-party platforms.
  4. You can download paid emulators from Tweakbox without paying anything.
  5. Tweakbox is available for both Android and iOS making app installation easy.

OS-Based Cydia Impactor Alternative:

As the heading suggests, you will be utilizing a computer with an operating system either Windows or Mac to perform IPA injection. All you will need to have is a particular execution file on your computer and IPA file that you are willing to install on your iDevice. Having IPA file is not a requirement in some cases as well.

1. AlterServerPatcher (Windows)

altserver patcher

AltServerPatcher is basically a WebURL-based utility tool that permits AltServer to install IPA files directly to your iDevices. In a simple language, it allows you to install any IPA files from your computer by patching AltServer. It contains some of the most popular jailbreaking apps right inside its GUI.

Here are some useful IPAs you can install directly from AltServerPatcher:

  1. uncover
  2. Chimera
  3. Electra
  4. doubleh3lix
  5. doubleh3lix + sockport
  6. h3lix
  7. Phoenix
  8. etasonJB
  9. Home Depot 9.1-9.3.4
  10. Home Depot 8.4.1
  11. yalu102
  12. yalu+mach_portal
  13. yaluX+extra_recipe
  14. ChimeraTV
  15. ElectraTV
  16. backr00m

2. AltDeploy (Mac)


AltDeploy is a GUI tool that allows you to sign and sideload IPA files to your iOS devices. The user interface is as same as we have for CI. Installing IPAs using AltDeploy is easy. Drag and drop along sing in with your Apple ID is what you will be doing to install IPA of your choice.

Web-Based Cydia Impactor Alternative

If you’re looking for a solution where you don’t need to deal with either computer or third-party apps, this will be your choice definitely. It’s like a drunk version of Cydia Impactor. It contains the exact similar functionalities where you perform sideloading procedures within your web browser.

1. AppSigner

It is a web-based Cydia Impactor alternative that is in the beta phase yet. All you need to do is open a web portal, connect your iOS device and just upload IPA file to start the installation.

AppSigner Features:

  1. It eliminates the requirement of a computer for sideloading IPA files.
  2. Simple and clean user-interface.
  3. Being an online tool, it doesn’t save any of your data including Apple ID.

These are the recommendable Cydia impactor alternatives to install all of the apps outside of app store. But the list doesn’t end here. iPASTORE, ZESTIA, Inocydia, Mojo Installer, 3uTools, KuaiYong, etc. are other software like Cydia Impactor if you wanna try more.